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Why Freelancer Exams are important & What is Qualified Projects

If a project is tagged on Freelancer as a Qualified Project, it means you are not able to place a bid unless you have passed the employer’s required exam.

freelancer exams

On the project page:

exams freelancer

Have you seen in the above image Freelancer Certification Required and its US English – Level 1 its mean you will cannot place the bid on this project, And this is happened a lot of projects mostly Employers from United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom always do the same and you must have to pass these exams to placed on that kid of projects.

We have talked about US English Level 1 but we have seen now a days employers required relevant freelancer certifications like PHP – Level 1, PHP – Level – 2 and PHP – Level 3  for their projects. If you are a freelancer and you want to get projects then you must prepared for these kind of situation so you can placed the bid and approach to the employer. Once the employer come to discus, its 90% chances to get the project. Keep in mind these are the things that matter to get the project.

Freelancer Exams / Freelancer Certifications
Communications / How to talk and explain
Recent Project and Feedbacks
Bid Rank

These are the factor to get more jobs at freelancer. These is one more important things. Freelancer recommended the freelancers from the bidders and its tag appear on employer side as Recommended

Can you imagine your are RECOMMENDED in employer side ? Yes this is possible just follow the required things I just mentioned above and get this position. 99% chances to get this project and employer always come to discus to be ready with your latest work and detail explanation.

What we have discuses in this article

Why Freelancer Exams are important

What is Qualified Projects and its Tag

Techniques to Get more project

Employer Requirements while posting project to get perfect freelancer

Recommended Freelancer

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