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Upwork Projects

How to get projects at upwork? This is very important with freelancer exams and upwork exams or tests. If you have passed freelancer skills tests. Simply We are here to give you upwork prejects as well as feedback service.  The process will be as follows.

  1. You have to make an order accordingly. What will be the budget for the project for you?
  2. You have to send your project detail
    1. Title:
    2. Description:
    3. Skills
  3. You have done! our agent will contact with you, create the project and invite to bid.
  4. You will bid, start PM and discus the project.
  5. Both you will be agree and project will be awarded, accept. Completed and you will be have a project with five star feedback/review as you want. You can send your words that you want to see in the feedback/review.

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