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About us

About Freelancer Exams Academy

Freelancer Exams Academy, an Online Tutoring Team provides a high-level worldwide freelancing career solution. Thousands of freelancers have been qualified by Freelancer Exams Academy to date. We provide excellent services, engagement, and advanced materials that empower your freelancer business. Our Experts take the exams on your behalf, get you! certified and are a professional solution that kick starts your freelancer career.

About Freelancer Exams Academy Team

We are a small team of experts in our fields, we believe that there are many freelancers who know how to work, know how to fix, and have the know how, yet sometimes they don’t completely understand the theory of the freelancer exam system. This is where we come in, we assist our freelancer community by taking, passing and clearing the freelancer exams for you!.

Our Aim and Mission

As we have previously mentioned, we have cleared and passed the freelancer exams for thousands of freelancers globally, we achieve our goals when you! the freelancer achieves yours, by passing the freelancer exams and receiving the freelancer certification on your behalf.

Because passing freelancer exams will boost your skills rank, employers will accept your bids more frequently and as a result, you! will get a better quality of work with a higher earning potential, employers can see the results of your skill set on your profile immediately, creating a higher level of trust.

That’s it what & who we are!

We always welcome you to verify our work, our live demo section has previous client profiles along with snapshots of completed freelancer exams, please check our online freelancer exams demo here and testimonials and feedback from existing clients are available here.

You’ll be happy and fully satisfied with this priceless service, once our team has passed the freelancer exams, your career will skyrocket.

Go ahead and place your order and we will make your profile stand out from the crowd by becoming a certified freelancer at and (Odesk) today.