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Times for a Career Boost! Make Yourself Professional


New skills are very important to learn and test. You can use these skills throughout the running year. Whenever you learn something new & unique daily then you can able to get a higher rank and you can also discover new techniques.

When you are acquiring knowledge and learn different things which are very new and unique to you then you can get your brain very sharp and you can also get a deep sense of happiness.

What do you want to learn about the Freelancer Exams?

This is a very important question that what’s new and unique you have to learn. This is very important that you have to expand your mind and go for new skills. You can improve your experience and also test your existing skills and knowledge.

One thing is very also beneficial that you can get more and useful opportunities either for you employment sector or for your dreams come true.

Learning and Testing:

Skills Lab: is a place where you have a Skills Lab.  In this Lab, you can improve your skills by taking freelancer exams and you can test your existing skills and knowledge which you have learned recently. You can see your freelancer tests results on your profile page. Your new and existing employers can also look them while looking your profile and also your earning ratings, so you have to take these freelancer tests seriously.

Categories: There are nine categories of skills test to be divided in Freelancer Skills Lab:-

  • The Web, IT & Software
  • Mobile phones & computing
  • Design media & Architecture
  • Engineering & Science
  • Business, Accounting & Human
  • Resources & Legal
  • Translation & Languages
  • Others

Here we are listing down four major job categories and their related skill tests. Firstly, you have to read and learn these skills and after that, if you are ready then take its freelancer exams.

For skills related to Data Science & Web Development:


For skills related to Mobile Development:

ActionScript 3.0
Android Development
iPhone Development
Blackberry Programming
Windows Phone

For skills related to UI Design

Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Fireworks CS4

For Translation and Languages skills:

Brazilian Portuguese


Most probably, you want to learn new and unique stuff to try a career in different fields. Or perhaps you simply want to improve yourself because, after all, learning is a lifetime thing.

How to pass freelancer exams

The question How to pass freelancer exams raise that: Are you in a hurry to learn something new and unique? Studies show that the brain picks up a new skill by doing distributed and regular practice. Spending 15 or 30 mins a day is better than practicing for longer hours.

It’s not as if you had learned a skill today and shift to a different career and field tomorrow. It will take some specific time to become knowledgeable in a new skill and also takes more time to become an expert in it. When you are equipped with a certain level of mastery then go and look for a project that requires your new skill and does your best to complete it.

We know. Its very hard to prove about the skill certification. You already expert in the repective filed and some time theory may be a problem for you to prove. So, you can consider our services for you.

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Why is it Important to Pass Freelancer Tests


  • High scoring in freelancer skill test is the best way to have a profile with quality portfolio, reviews or ratings for the newcomer in
  • High scoring in skill test also helps the client of to establish their unique profile as well as their portfolio or rating etc.
  • You do not be considered seriously by the recruiters if you have not proven your abilities by Skill test score.

Why it is Important to Pass Freelancer Skill tests with High Score?

  • You will be the top candidates if you score up to 85% or 100%. If you score an average, it would be a bad impression which you have created.
  • This is true that you will not be chosen among 2 freelancers, by your great result unless you will have a score high in the test. That’s why you will have to increase your hiring chance by high score up to 85% or 100%.
  • We recommended that you should have 90% score in each freelancer exams.
  • This is proven by the daily survey that your Skill test score is checked by the hiring companies to evaluate you.

Why is it Important to Pass Freelancer exams?

  • Having a high score for a freelancer skill test and bidding on the job having same skills, your profile will be shown at the top of the list of freelancer and you will have 200-300% chance of hiring without any freelancer skills test.