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After placing the order our  expert will contact you and discus if needed. and task will be deliver according to your order. Regular delivery time is 2 Days (free of cost). If you want to get extra fast delivery (in this case order can be deliver in next 1 hour) then you need to order from delivery option while placing the order. dont worry while placing the order our order form will ask you about it that how fast you want to get complete.

Taking freelancer exams can be done by two ways.
1. You can share your login info. and our expert take the exams for you.
2. You can share your screen or desktop OR you can use Teamviewer, our expert will contact you and ask for Teamviewer ID and Password to take remote of your PC. Then freelancer exams will be done on front of your face at your own PC

Yes! this is 100% safe and sound for your freelancer / odesk account. Because our expert take the exams by hand, there is not any kind of bot or robo that take the freelancer exams.