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Freelancers Tips for winning projects

Freelancers Tips for winning projects

Article for Freelancers best tips for winning projects at or upwork

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Each employer is as different as each freelancer is; so there is no “magic formula” that works for every bid. To help increase the chances that a prospective employer will seriously consider your bid, here are some things we suggest you practice:

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1. Read the project description thoroughly. Take the time to go through the project description. If the employer feels that you do not understand the project enough, you are not likely to make the shortlist.

2. Keep your bid clear and concise. Employers may have dozens or even hundreds of bids to consider. Make your bid proposal short but meaty.

3. Propose Milestones. A way to showcase your professionalism and prove to the client that you are serious about their business by listing down 3-5 milestones in your bid. Read more here.

4. Be competitive with your pricing. Being competitive does not necessarily mean bidding low. Worldwide marketplace makes for tough competition. If you are relatively new to freelancing, you may need to establish a reputation first. But if your work is truly above average, price it properly. Some employers are willing to pay for quality.

5. Proofread your bid before you submit it. No matter what kind of project you are bidding on, a poorly-written proposal suggests lacking attention to details and poor work habits, neither of which is going to work in your favour.

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